Accordion: Bass Clef (staff 2) missing in releae 0.9.3.

• Oct 28, 2008 - 16:02

Accordion: Bass Clef (staff 2) missing in releae 0.9.3.

Is it possible to manually insert it? (f.e. instruments.xml ?)


Hi, I just added this to instruments.xml in the SVN revision 1210.

Here's what the entry should look like in instruments.xml if you'd like to change it in yours:

         <clef staff="1">0</clef>
         <clef staff="2">4</clef>

Hi kruijzen,

Do Accordions normally have two staffs or one? I noticed that Finale supplies only one staff for the accordion. Sibelius has two.

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Accordions do formally use two staffs: a treble cleff (G) for the right hand (the "melody" hand), and a bass cleff for the left hand (the accompanying hand, the one with the small "buttons").

The left hand can play chords and individual bass-notes, so al full sized bass cleff is necessary.

On the other hand it is not unusual to use a "shorthand" notation, mostly used in "sing-a-long" scores. This shorthand version uses only a treble cleff with a chord notation. Probably Finale uses this?

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