Carol of the Bells / Ukrainian Bell Carol

• Dec 4, 2009 - 16:48

Here is my Brass Choir arrangement of Carol of the Bells (otherwise known as the Ukrainian Bell Carol).

*NOTE*: For the simplicity of copying/pasting with slurs intact, I wrote this with latest Windows Pre-release 0.9.6 version, so it won't open properly in 0.9.5.


Hi there
it is a pity you didn't use the last public version 0.9.5. I have just discovered MuseScore so am on a steep learning curve, and anything not working for tech reasons is a bit of a nuisance.
Is the next version going to create compatibility problems with existing work? I hope not!
Cheers from NZ and Merry Christmas!

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I certainly understand not wanting to use a prerelease version. I've written lots of arrangements & compositions in MuseScore, all in version 0.9.5, including all of the 12 Brass Choir arrangements except this one. The reason I used the prerelease 0.9.6 for this arrangement was because of the slurs. There are slurs all over this arrangement, and I did a lot of copying/pasting. In 0.9.5 slurs don't copy/paste, only the notes, but they do in 0.9.6, so I chose to write this arrangement in the latest version to save time and keep me from having to put in the slurs again and again after a paste.

The good news is that you can run both versions on your computer without a problem, and that all 0.9.5 files will open just fine in 0.9.6. The ONLY thing to be aware of is that if you open an 0.9.5 version of a file on 0.9.6 and save it, it will no longer open on 0.9.5 because of a new saving format in the newer version.

When it's ready, 0.9.6 will become the latest stable release anyway (I'm hoping sooner not later), so I felt ok with writing this arrngement in this version, but I'm sticking with the latest stable for everything else for now (0.9.5).

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