can't copy barre lines

• Oct 17, 2014 - 22:24

Seems to be no way to copy a line from one measure to the next, at least not the barre line (the one in the palette that looks like "VII -----"). I follow the procedure in the video tutorial "Lyrics, Copying & Dynamics" to copy an entire measure, and everything is copied and pasted into the new measure _except_ the line. The line is left behind. I made absolutely sure that the line's anchor points lie _entirely_ within the original measure, so the copy-paste operation is not being stymied by a line with anchor points outside the measure.

So then I attempt to copy-paste the line by itself: highlight the line, then copy it, but then cannot paste it anywhere to anything. Have tried in and out of edit mode; have tried highlighting different things in the new measure (notes, note stems, measure line) and nothing works. Nothing about this in the manual either.

Apparently in 2 beta, the procedure isn't obvious either and involves a new "inspector" feature (see which 1.3 doesn't have.

Since I'm still using 1.3 and would rather not upgrade until 2 is out of beta stage, is there a way to copy/paste lines in 1.3? Or is this just a bug?


Actually, in 2.0 Beta, the line copies any time you copy a region containing it. So it is indeed quite obvious. The Inspector is used for changing individual properties of the line, not for copy & paste.

Anyhoiw, it's not a "bug" that 1.3 doesn't copy and paste lines - it's just a feature than 1.3 doesn't have, And indeed, you shouldn't switch fully to 2.0 until it is officially released, but you are welcome to try out the Beta or Nightly builds - they coexist peacefully with 1.3.

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Thanks for answering my question. It's good to know. However...

it's not a "bug" . . . . - it's just a feature than 1.3 doesn't have

...I must disagree with this assessment regarding the procedure as a whole, for this reason: when you highlight a line and then go up to the Edit menu, the Copy option is NOT grayed out. Neither is the copy option grayed out if you select the line and then right-click it. Either way, the active-seeming Copy command implies that you can copy the line. Perhaps the inability to copy in 1.3 is itself not a bug, but certainly the fact that the copy option remains (seemingly) active when one attempts to copy is a bug because it supplies false information.

Anyhow, thanks for your help. In general this is a nice piece of software. Looking forward very much to the final version of 2.

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