How would I create my own template in 2.0?

• Oct 19, 2014 - 01:08

Most of my arranging is done with a particular set number of instruments each time. It would be most helpful if I could begin an arrangement with these 10 instruments already set out on the score, instead of having to set it up each and every time. Is there such a thing?


Menu item: Edit / Preferences - on the 'General' tab, in the 'Paths' section you will find the location of the (default) template folder.
(for example, in Windows --> C:/Users/*User*/Documents/MuseScoreDevelopment/Templates)
(You can specify another path, if desired.)

Make a blank score with your particular instruments and save it in the 'Templates' folder.

When creating a new score, select the 'Create new score from template' option in the New Score wizard, then choose the template.


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