How to recover scores you have saved several times that are not in directory .

• Oct 19, 2014 - 10:03

Hi , Firstly , I'd like to say thankyou once again for all of your admirable , intelligent self-less work you've done in creating a freesource program ! All of you who have made my life a virtual dream for 3 or 4 years . My problem is in working with 1.3 (downloaded 2.0 beta tonight : Have been afraid of accessing the nightlies since I'm not very computer literate and don't understand much of what I've read in the forums even though I'm an English teacher and can decipher Chaucer and Elizabethan English easily .) I learned to save constantly because the program would send me a menu saying it had to terminate . Anyway, after more than 5 hours of work on my concerto for orchestra Lumina etc I found the name I wanted attached to the Reunion opening file.I knew when I saw only 1 kb something was wrong since the file was over 100. The program had to terminate and when I went to look for the named file or any of the many saved files which I saved under the same name they were not there in the muse score directory though I found sibelius scores I ddid not want . All I located in muse directory was a 2 week old file with the name of file & comma (changed it but discovered it was older file.What happened to all the saves I made ?- even though I continually saved the file as i was working on 10 .19 /2014 . I went online to read about the problem ,unhid extensions but still could not find said file . I'm wondering if someone at Muse can tell me of some other ways to locate files that were saved continually and then the final save did not execute ? Should I redownload 1.3 since I have this problem constantly ? I only use 115 gb on a puter capable of 450 gb storage. Very excited about 2.0 going to try the beta this weekend .

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