Bug after creating a sixtole for a triol

• Oct 20, 2014 - 16:58

Hi, after creating a sixtole in a triol there is a conflict with regard to the bar. Please look the pictures. This problem becomes stronger, when I want to copy and paste this bar. (look image 2).

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It looks like your score has become corrupt, but it's hard to debug problems from only pictures. Can you post the score itself? Do you know how this happened? Can you list steps to reproduce the problem from scratch? I see you are using some version of MuseScore 2; is it the Beta or one of the Nightly builds?

Ok first I am using Musecore 2.0 Beta.
First I am creating this triole look picture 1.
Then I want to use this triole more in the piece and want to copy an paste look picture 2-5.
Further bar problems just occours in the sheet than I wrote with musescre 1.3 and importet it to musescore 2.0.
Here are two pieces. One named "Test" for a sheet that is only created by muscore 2.0 and a sheet "-" that is created with musescore 1.3.
Regards and thanks for helping.

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When I load your score created in 2.0, it looks just fine. So does the one created in 1.3 as far as I can tell - it's kind of long and there could be a problem hiding somewhere.

The pictures are nice, but what we really need are step by step instructions on how to reproduce the actual problem.

I can see that trying to copy the nested tuplet in bar 5 to another measure yields an error about the tuplet crossing the measure boundary. That's a bug too, but a different a relatively minor one. I'm much more concerned with how your previous score became corrupt.

MuseScore has problems copying and pasting triplets, often leading to score corruption. I suspect it just isn't set up to cope with such complex tuplet-within-triplets which would be no mean coding feat. Personally, I'd just insert a 3/4 measure and use "ordinary" sextuplets but if you must have complex tuplets then doing them manually is the safest way.

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