Documentation for Edit Style Dialog Box

• Dec 6, 2009 - 22:17

Lately, I have been attempting to control the layout and printing of my music with much more precision. In particular, I've been working to adjust the size and font of lyrics, location of chord symbols, and distance and arrangement of staffs and systems.

I have not been able to find in the handbook or the on-line documentation an explanation for the various settings and measurements in the Edit Style dialog box. Maybe I'm missing something. Any chance there is a written explanation of these settings anywhere? I've been experimenting with the various settings, but am at times mystified as to what each of the settings does?

As always, this is a great project and all the hard work is much appreciated.


Lowell, MA


The Edit Style dialog box is an area of the user interface that could use some good thought about how to make it easier to understand. I have not written documentation for it actually because I wanted to change it. However other things have been a higher priority and I have not got around to either. Feel free to write some documentation for the current interface. Most of it has been discussed on the forums. If there is a feature that you don't understand then a search on this website will probably turn up multiple results.

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