Octave doubler creates wrong interval

• Dec 8, 2009 - 01:24

Using nightly build 2415 on windows XP

Create the chromatic scale from C# in the key of 5 sharps. This is the pre-octave file.
Select everything and push Alt + 8 to double on the octave.
The scale is doubled at the correct interval (although with inappropriate spelling ascending) EXCEPT that G## (first note in msr. 2) and A-natural (first note in msr. 3) are doubled at a M7, being G# in both cases. The resulting file is Post-octave
I am aware of the spelling problem Musescore has right now, but I haven't seen anyone point out the problem of incorrect pitches.

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pre-octave.mscz 1.68 KB
post-octave.mscz 1.76 KB


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