local manual not found

• Dec 8, 2009 - 05:22

go to 'help' in the menu
then go to
'local manual' or press F1

an error dialog box comes up with the following error:
'MuseScore online manual not found at: /usr/share/mscore-0.9/man/MuseScore-en.pdf'

but for some reason I have two directories:

neither of which have a sub-directory of /man
nor is there a MuseScore-en.pdf

is this a known issue?


What operating system do you use?

In the meantime, you can download the pdf on the [[nodetitle:handbook]] page.

The PDF manuals were not included in the 0.9.4 version for Ubuntu. If you are still using 0.9.4 I suggest upgrading. Instructions for obtaining 0.9.5 are on the download page.

Hi, (I am the Debian/Ubuntu package maintainer)

you don't have two directories ;) - the unversioned one is symlinked to the versioned one, to ease package transitions. However, I am very surprised you got this error; in every package version until the most recent of prereleases*, I have not shipped the PDF manuals (for various copyright related reasons), but I was always sure to disable the menu option.

* which I don't think are published yet for Ubuntu 9.04, due to a large number of earlier build failures.

I suspect you have upgraded the 'mscore' package without upgrading the complimentary 'mscore-common' package, which contains the manual files. Please ensure that your system is up to date.

Finally, your "config" is slightly confusing; what does "MuseScore 1.9.5; revision: expo" mean? MuseScore has no 1.9.5 release, and none of my packages give the revision as "expo". The best way to describe the MuseScore version is to give the `mscore` and `mscore-common` package versions. These can be found in Synaptic, or with the command `apt-cache policy mscore mscore-common`.

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