Default Maj7 chords & incompatible styles

• Oct 25, 2014 - 19:06

Two weirdnesses in the Beta:

I am trying to modify a lead sheet with chords. Example I want to do a simple G chord. So I type G in the chord entry. Some how it decides that I must want a GMaj7 which is a lovely chord but NOT what I want here.
I was using the symbol style which is my preference for it's tersity, maybe I'll go back to the standard one. OK the program quits doing that when I go back to the standard style. I *HATE* *HATE* *HATE* when programs try to do my thinking for me. I am willing to input exactly what I want.

I see the beta still stores templates and styles away in system space (on Mac) where the program can not navigate to them directly. So I found in Preferences and I made it point to that folder in system space. I have two Muse Scores, the old one, and now MuseScore Styles in preferences is definitely pointing to the new one. Yet when I try to tell it to load a style it tells me that style is incompatible with the new version. I once accidentally tried loading from the old Muse Score's folder and I understand that but THIS time the program has been restarted and it's definitely trying to load the one that installed with the BETA. So how is it incompatible. !!


Which build are you using? Could you attach the score you are having problems with? MuseScore definitely should not be changing your chords, but I think there may have been a bug in an earlier build that could produce the effect you are describing. Whatever you have done with your style folder settings might be part of the problem.

But more importantly, note you should never need to explicitly select style files any more at all, so you should not need to navigate to any folders. Simply select "Jazz" via the radio buttons, and you can type chords however you like. To get the triangle, use "t" or ^ (carat). The old style files are provided only for backwards compatibility but you should not use them any more.

My guess is you are trying to load an MS file in the chord dialog (which needs an XML file) or vice versa. Either way, you shouldn't be loading any files at all.

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