Continued support for prereleases for Ubuntu 8.04 and 8.10?

• Dec 8, 2009 - 18:58

Hi all,

As you can see from the large number of extraneous packages and failed
builds at [1], it has become more and more difficult to support
MuseScore 0.9.6b on older releases of Ubuntu, but I feel that I have a
duty to support 8.04 and 8.10 whilst they remain officially supported
releases; when official support ends for 8.10 in April 2010, for
instance, I will drop support for that release in the PPA. However, as
I put a disproportionate quantity of effort into the supporting
packages, rather than into mscore itself, I feel that I should ensure
that MuseScore is actually used on 8.04 and 8.10, before committing
myself to continuing this work; of course, if people do use it, then I
have no complaint against enabling that. I am therefore posting this
to ask:

Do you use, or know of use of, mscore on Ubuntu 8.04 (hardy) or 8.10 (intrepid)?

^ similarly for ...&field.series_filter=intrepid

Best regards,

Toby Smithe ::


Qt 4.6 has some new features (QStateMachine and maybe QXmlSchemaValidator) which i really would like to use in the next MuseScore version. What does this mean to backports if Qt4.6 is required?

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I'm not sure yet. I already have to maintain a backported version of qt4.5 in the hardy and intrepid repositories, but that only required an extra dep on phonon on hardy, so the extra work wasn't much. I'm not sure of qt4.6, but of course, it's an even larger divergence from the official repository, and so there may be interaction with other qt packages which I would not foresee. But as I said, if there's demand for keeping the backports on hardy and intrepid, I really don't mind.

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