2nd ending ties

• Dec 9, 2009 - 17:39

Is there any intention to enable the placement of a tie INTO the 2nd ending?

Often there is a tie into the endings, and at this time, as far as I know there is no way to add a tie into the 2nd or more endings.



Add to that ties with repeat signs in general. For example a tie from measure 1 to measure 2, then another tie from measure 3 that repeats back to 2 then another tie from 3 into 4.

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I just made a file to explain what I think you and I were both wanting, and it appears that it plays back correctly in the R2442 nightly. Hooray!

Although it is odd that the end of the 1st ending ties into the 2nd ending.... that's not correct, but it gives the correct playback. This tie should be broken at the bar line since the 1st and 2nd endings can't really tie to eachother.

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That's great, thanks.
In your example it works as you have a note at the end of the 1st ending that is the same as the note at the beginning of the endings.

This leads me to a possible work around: use a slur instead of a tie, make the note that the slur starts with invisible and then adjust the slur accordingly.


Using Version 1.3: With the "Grace Notes" palette open:
(1) Select the note that should be preceded by a tie.
(2) Double click on the quarter note grace note to add a grace not before the selected note.
(3) Select the grace note and make it invisible in "Note Properties",
(4) With the grace note still selected, double click the tie icon to tie the grace note to the first note of the second ending.

See attached example.

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