Double clicking notes makes them dissapear.

• Dec 10, 2009 - 14:46

I hesitate to report this because it isn't really straight-forward, but using R2443 on windows XP, try this:
1. Create a new score and enter some notes.
2. Click on one of the notes.
3. Double-click on another note.
Expected : Focus would move to note double-clicked and enter edit mode.
Result: Often, but not always. A part of the first not will vanish. Repeated double-clickings cause more to vanish, first note head, then stem, then flag.


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When I click on a note and press [s], to enter a slur, it automatically goes into Edit mode. This is different from previous versions, and I have to hit [Esc] before I do anything else. Usually the slurs are about right and don't need any editing.

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This is the same as previous versions.

If you are in note entry mode then press S to start a slur and S a second time to end the slur.

If you are not in note entry mode then adding a slur switches to slur edit mode as you mention. This allows you to extend the slur over multiple notes.

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