ability to put staccato dot on stem side with x shortcut.

• Dec 10, 2009 - 17:46

I like how slurs work; you can click on them and then push [x} to flip them to the other side of the notes if they are in the way. I would like the same functionality for other articulation symbols. I know this can be done manually, but it's very tedious and a dot isn't a very big target when you're trying to click a bunch of them. When an articulation is added, focus goes to it anyway, so it would be easy to just flip it if something is in its way.


This is worthy idea. As a degenerate case: in a measure with 2 voices having staccato sequences of thirds (actually any intervals greater than 2nds and less than 6ths) the dots (or accents) on the lower voice overlays the note head of the upper voice and vice versa rendering them "invisible". This makes it impossible to select the articulations to drag them to a visible location. Besides, even if there were a shortcut to select the articulation(s) and put it/them into "edit" mode so the arrow keys work this process would be extremely tedious.

Seems to me that implementing an articulation flipper (x-key) would be consistent with the handling of ties/slurs as indicated above.

Yeah, running into something similar... I'd like to switch my accent to above the note instead of below it (again, due to a second voice), and thought I could with x, but apparently I can't

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