Incorrect reviewed item in Dutch translation?

• Nov 4, 2014 - 13:57

Well it's been some time since I posted on the forums :-) Been busy so to speak.

Now I found several incorrect translation for Dutch at Transifex (...where I've picked up translating for MuseScore again). Most of them I can correct: Removing characters like '-' or change to the correct use for capitals in Dutch.
Yet I now have a item #35 which is allready reviewed: meaning I do not have the rights to correct it anymore. As there is no reviewer for the dutch language.

So my question is: lasconic could you change it for me, as you seem to be the reviewer according to Transifex? Or could I become the reviewer in Transifex for Dutch?
So i can look after consistency in the translation as well?

Cheers! Remco


This seemed like the correct place to post this. I'm sorry if it isn't.

I'm very sorry, but I have to contradict you on the use of the '-', and on writing Dutch words as one word or as two words in general.
In Dutch you should write words like ‘startscherm’, ‘hoofdpalet’, and 'tempomarkering’ as one word. There’s really no question about it. See (also and even wikipedia has a page on 'onjuist spatiegebruik'). You can argue for both ‘waardestreepmodus’ and ‘waardestreep-modus’, but only ‘articulatie-eigenschappen’ and ‘pagina-instellingen’ are correct (see
MuseScore 1 was one of the few programs I didn’t mind using in the Dutch version, precisely because it was so carefully translated. There wasn’t a single mistake, which is extremely rare. I’ve just now downloaded and installed MuseScore 2 and I was quite disappointed to see certain words mistakenly written as two words.
If I can help with the translation I would like to volunteer, If it’s possible to do it without knowing programming language. I’ve never done anything like it before.
Capitalisation: Only the first word should be capitalised (but there are exceptions). Remco is right that is isn’t consistent.

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Thanks for looking into this issue, Sim!
I couldn't find, at the time of translating, the correct Dutch language rules, sorry about that.
And have overlooked it later on.

I always welcome anyone to review and improve the Dutch translation.
One other item that needs reviewing, help with translating is the naming of all instruments. Could you help with that as well?

Kind regards, Remco

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While I was checking the sofware code folder, I did notice there were dashes that needn't be there. Your instinct in removing them was partially correct. E.g. "altsleutel" didn't need a dash.
I don't have time today and tomorrow, but I'll try to check the instruments folder in a few days.

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