Creating lines to show sliding between notes

• Nov 4, 2014 - 21:43

Hello All

I have recently downloaded MuseScore 2.0 and find it stunning. Thank you!
I am writing a piece of guitar music and I wish to indicate a slide between two notes - i.e. when you strike one note and do a glissando to another. I have found the glissando line in the palette (F9) and successfully inserted it. The problem is that as I work at my score, the angle and length of this line is changed. When I go back to correct it, it is really difficult and time consuming to select the line (the whole bar is selected instead). I've tried magnifying hugely but still have the same difficulties. Any thoughts? Thank you again! Dan


Are you sure you are using the actually glissando line, as opposed to the generic line? The glissando line - found on the Apreggios & Glissandi palette - should automatically reposition as your score evolves. In fact, it doesn't even provide the provide to manually adjust this line. The only option it provides is whether or not to display the word "gliss" above it; default is yes.

I have a feeling you are using the generic line, which would indeed need constantly adjusting since it is only "connected" (logically speaking) to one note. Although even so, it shouldn't be hard to select. Should be a simple matter of double clicking in the general vicinity of the line. Feel free to post the score you are having trouble with and maybe someone can see what is going wrong.

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