Feature Request? Note head styles in drumset

• Nov 6, 2014 - 17:29

I'm trying to add new "notes" to the drum set notation to be able to create drum notations like this:


These include

- Slash notation to mean "just keep time here"
- Rhythmic notation
- Horn cues

All of these are quite possible, except the first one. There's no option for "no stem" when editing a drum set. Should I file a feature request to ask for this ability? Or is it being worked on already?

Thanks for any info.

- Mike.

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You should file a feature request. I was actually just thinking about this the other day too and tried a few things to see if I could trick it into giving me no stem (without having to go in after the fact, which is of course possible). It's probably not hard, but at this point, new features are increasingly difficult to squeeze into 2.0, so it might be something for 2.X. Of course, I also want to see true slash notation - not just a series of stemless notes - in ASAP after 2.0, so this might become moot.

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