4 in the time of 3

• Dec 23, 2009 - 01:16

Please see attached files.


The score is in 3/4 time.
4in3 is what happens when I select the rest and press Ctrl-4.
Dot 8 is trying it using dotted 6th notes. quarters (which is what I believe is the proper duration) is also not accurate.


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yeah I'm working with triplets in 4/8 and it often miscalculates the total amount of time in a measure
I can fix it but it takes fiddling with the measure to get it right
try deleting everything,
select the whole rest
make it a tuplet
and adding notes

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yeah I tried to make a quadruplet in 3/4 with two dotted quarters and I wasn't able to
see my attached doc for some attempts to solve this problem
not sure if this doc is clear but there are some glaring bugs in it

not sure I understand the relation of the quadruplet in MuseScore which indicates ---4:6---
a quadruplet in 3/4 time you'd have four quarters fit into three or ---4:3---
or 4 1/8's into 3?
unless ---4:6-- means 4 quarters fit into 6 1/8's (or 3 1/4's)
or am I off on this and need to brush up on my tuplets?

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