Presentation of notes with dot

• Dec 24, 2009 - 00:15


I'm using v 0.9.5 under Win XP.

I found a problem in the presentation of a half note with a dot, while working with voice 1 and voice 2. The dot of the half note (e, 2 voice) is hided from the following note (d, 1 voice). Please look at the screen shots.

If the automatic positioning will not work correctly, it would be great, if one could use the context menu property-dialog, to change the position of the dot to the next higher position (or lower position if needed). Or is there an other solution available, which I did not find?


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Usually up-stem notes are written in voice 1 and down stem notes are written in voice 2 (as described on the Voices page). If you follow this convention then the dot appears correctly.

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