Time Signature Change Causes Incomplete Measures

• Nov 16, 2014 - 08:53

Greetings Musescore Forums,

I just started using Musescore today, and I'm having an issue with a specific time signature change in my score. In the bass clef of bar 7, the only placeholder rest for the measure is an eighth rest. If I were to place a whole note, it would prolong the note across the next measure. Also, in the treble clef of bar 9, it only allows me to place 4 eighth notes, although the time signature is in 4/4. This may be a bug or just a rookie mistake. Any help would be appreciated! I'm on version 1.3 which seems to be the latest version.

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check up: Right-click measure 7 "Measures Properties" Measure duration.
try: insert a measure, then delete (Ctrl + Del) the one with problems.
Attach your score, if you want.

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