platange [french]

• Nov 3, 2008 - 14:37

Grosse déprime à l'instant. Tandis que je cherchais le moyen de copier coller en masse, j'ai subi un gros plantage. Résultat : plusieurs heures de travail effacées. Deux questions :
- est-ce du à XP ?
- N'y a t'il pas un moyen de sauvegarde automatique en cas de plantage comme sur les traitements de texte ?


Look for any files starting with "ms" in the location where you saved the file and open them up with MuseScore. The files may have in backup data in them.

For future you can try the automatic save feature. It is under "Edit" > "Preferences" and in the first tab. Also it is a good idea to save frequently since MuseScore is still beta.

If you are using 0.9.3 the following sequence will cause a crash: copy, paste, undo. This is fixed in the prereleases for 0.9.4 but the prereleases are still under development and subject to other errors

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