Bar (measure) numbers not consistent

• Nov 19, 2014 - 01:06

I've changed the appearance of bar numbers (colour, font size, positioning, etc) via Style/Edit Text Style/Measure number.

However, the change is not consistent across my whole score (version 1.3). It displays as expected on some pages but not others.

This seems very odd. I'd expect the changes to either work or not work, not HALF work. Any ideas please?



Have you tried saving and reloading?

What happens in 1.3 is, changes in text style only apply to newly generally elements, not already existing ones. So the places where you see the changes take effect, those must be places where the bar numbers were only generated later - because you added measures, or the layout changed. Bar numbers are generated on the fly as the score is laid out. If you save and load the score, all bar numbers are automatically regenerated.

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Thanks ... yes, I did. I apologise for not including that information.

I have done it a number of times, as I have been working on the score over several days.

All bars already existed, because I am arranging an existing score. I have not added any extra bars at all, although I do keep tweaking the layout .. perhaps that's the culprit, because I notice each time I open it that *different* bars are inconsistent with my chosen style than the ones that were the day before, if I've explained that correctly.

I think it's the overall layout that's doing my head in. I'm trying to get this thing to stay on 8 pages, so I'm messing around with 'more stretch' and 'less stretch' on individual bars or on the whole score and it's only making it untidier.

Not to worry. Thanks very much for the explanation.

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