MusicXML format improvement

• Nov 19, 2014 - 12:28

today i found out that the MusicXML format import module does not handle the tracknames very well - to be exact: the tracknames are deleted and the keys as well.
maybe it would be a nice idea if tracknames are shown as they are noted in the XML.

as an example: this morning it took a couple of hours to get this song in a kind of readable state.
problem with the tracknames is also that they are changed the moment i load up the song to the website using the MS software 1.3 - 5702 on OSX 10.9.5
the original XML was produced by Cubase 7.5.30 64b
exported MIDI from Cubase is a total mess in MS - can't be used at all.
the MIDI file is normal readable in the MidiKit 4.0.3 of Bruno Di Gleria.

for those who like to have a look into this technical thing i'll be happy to deliver my original files for examening.


I would be happy to take a look to the original MusicXML. As far as I know Cubase MusicXML export is not top of the class... Also what do you call trackname? I'm pretty sure MusicXML doesn't have this concept builtin. You mean the instrument names at the beginning of the staff?

Now, MIDI, it's a totally different topic. MIDI import has been rebuilt from the grown up for the upcoming MuseScore 2.0. If you want you can take a look to a nightly build

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