Midi input changes in latest svn (2553)?

• Jan 4, 2010 - 08:43

I compiled musescore rev 2553 and found that the midi input doesn't work the same way as 0.9.5. I also have this same issue in prerelease builds from early december. I can no longer play the notes on the keyboard and have them added to the score with the selected time value. Instead it seems like I have to play the note, then click the time value? Is this change deliberate? If not, maybe I can fix it if someone can tell me what classes/files handle this functionality? It seems like this is a pretty important feature, is there something trivial I'm missing?


Actually it appears that the midi notes are added to the score but the window is not updated as the midi events are processed. Is this deliberate? Seems like this would be easy to fix. Does anyone else experience this problem?

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