Crash after object dissapears

• Jan 6, 2010 - 07:40

I created a lead sheet today. Some how one of the Measures was emptied of all its contents and shrunk down to a very small width. Now If I click in any measure area past this point the app crashes. I'm running Windows 7 ultimate on a Centrin 2 64 bit system. I can send the file if you would like to debug it.

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Orpheus.bad_.mscz 3.73 KB


Look specifically at the goofy measure # 32. If you click anywhere after that the program crashes. I had to start completely over.

I deleted the last few measures using a text editor (see attached). It looks like you were using version 0.9.5.

However, in order to investigate the bug it is necessary to know the steps that caused the measure to become empty. If you are able to reproduce the steps please share the information.

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Orpheus.mscx 25.9 KB

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