A couple of problems with shortcut entry

• Nov 3, 2008 - 22:06

Just a couple of minor issues with entry stuff.
1.) If I use the delete key to remove a note, I have to press "N" twice to exit and reenter note mode to continue using the keyboard shortcuts.
2.) When entering lyrics, I found that if I typed the word "I" and pressed space to skip to the next note, most times the cursor would jump backwards to the end of the previous word.

One other issue: After I entered lyrics, all of the staves arranged themselves to be one per page instead of two, as they were previously. I adjusted the margins and it went back to two per page, but the underscores for continuing notes stayed where they were in the one-per-page configuration. There were lots of extraneous lines all over the place as a result.


1. Could not reproduce

2. Could not reproduce as well. You mention "most times" but I think you agree that not very convenient to track a bug and try to solve it.

3. Very hard to read through your text and reproduce your issues.

Try to post step by step instructions and perhaps include a screen shot.

1.) After you delete a note this way it clears the note duration. You could re-select the note duration to continue. Pressing "N" twice will also work. I agree this is a minor annoyance.

2.) Pressing Shift+Space will jump back to the previous syllable. Probably you are holding the Shift key after typing the capital "I".

3.) Do the extraneous lines still appear after closing and reopening the piece. If so maybe you can attach the file to this thread. I have not experience the "extraneous lines" issue you describe

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