help needed with text,hiding page breaks when exporting to a pgn file,and general importing into open office writer....

• Jan 12, 2010 - 17:38

Dear Friends,

I have been using "muse score 0.9.5" and find I have been exporting files as png,pdf and ps files.
this is is a view to importing them into open office,so far i have a couple of problems i am hoping some one may be kind enough to help me with.
The 1st is finding a way to hide the system/page break symbols when exporting to one of the above mentioned file formats.
I know they wont be visible if i was to print within muse score,but it would be great if i could hide them from view when exporting them.if this is possible can some one tell me how?if not may i request this for future updates?

the 2nd question is i would like to be able to access the text a window where you can enter text on the screen and format the font size,type. I can access the title,composer or lyrics,but this window that i have chance upon before is different it allows for what i would describe as "floating" text that the user can move around the this sounding familiar?
if so,once again if you could tell me how to access this,it would be sincerly apreciated.

thank you for taking the time to read my requests .



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