How do I apply a plugin?

• Dec 9, 2014 - 19:46

2.0 has me completely confused.
How can I break every 4 measures? It used to be under plugins, but now there's a "manager" which looks to be a place to set shortcuts and a maker.


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Now on 2.0:
Plugins> Plugin Manager;
Choose Plugins;
Plugins> Plugin Manager: you should have active the one selected.Click on it.
In the dialog box click on the top or bottom of the symbol on the right (do not understand what it is): the top corresponds to increase, lower decrease.
Excuse the language, try to understand from the image

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Thanks everyone for trying to help me.

I don't want multiple versions of MS.

I can keep the downloads, but I just want one version of 2.0.

So my question is:

Do I need to uninstall my present 2.0 or will the nightly overwrite it when I install it?


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I downloaded and installed (long ago) 1.3 It, as expected is in Windows / Programs / MuseScore;
I did the same for the version 2.0 beta 1 (Windows / Programs / MuseScore 2);
I created a folder called MSS Nighlty, I clear it when I download a new release. I unzip the new Nighlty in that folder. (see attachment)
You can uninstall the beta first, if you like, or leave both.
Before Christmas, it seems, will be released the beta 2.
Perhaps you prefer to wait a little…

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The nightlies don't need to be "installed" per se - they are just just zip files you can unzip anywhere you like, and you can delete the whole folder you unzipped into when you decide you've had enough of that build and are ready to try another. So there should never be concern about having multiple versions "installed". Only 1.3 and I believe the Beta are "installed" in the usual sense, at least on Windows. You can uninstall the Beta if you like or leave it there; all three can happily coexist (although I think Beta & Nightly builds may share preferences etc).

In 2.0 beta (I have version 0c226ee, 64-bit linux but suspect it will be the same for many):

(Menu) Plugins -> Plugin Manager should display a list of available Plugins. Tick the one(s) that you want, click OK and it should then appear in the Menu under Plugins next time you look for it.

On my program, Break Every X Measures is just referred to in the list as "break". The list on my system is at:
and on your system may, of course, be different.

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