How can I choose which voice to select when entering lyrics?

• Dec 14, 2014 - 04:25

I have SA voices in a treble clef. On the very first note of the piece, both voices share the same note. So far so good, until I try to enter lyrics. When I click on the first (shared) note to begin lyric entry, it always selects Voice 2 and tries to enter lyrics following the alto line. I want the lyrics to follow the soprano voice as in a hymnal, but I cannot seem to switch the lyric entry to Voice 1 on that first note so I find myself stuck. I could not find anything on the lyrics page of the documentation regarding this.

Using MS 1.3 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04

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Try this:
click on the second note (see picture), use the left arrow (even if you do not see the first one is activated), Ctrl + L
It works?

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