mark after changing the height of a note

• Dec 14, 2014 - 13:01

This is for musescore 2 beta 1

when entering notes, and the note is for an octave too deep lest say a C, I press +, to have it one octave higher.
Unfortunately the mark rests on the C, when I try to enter the next note, lets say a d, the d replaces the c.
Could you change this?
Thank you


In that case, use the right arrow to advance the selection mark away from the C after you change the octave, then enter the D.

To change pitch up an octave, use Ctrl+Up on the selected note.
To change pitch down an octave, use Ctrl+Down on the selected note.


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Regardless of the octave shortcut, I think this is what happens, using your example:

1. In an *empty* measure, enter N, 5, C, Ctrl+Up, D. This works fine, but notice when the measure contains existing notes, as follows:
2. Leave Note Entry mode (N).
3. Highlight the existing C, and in Note Entry mode, change the octave (up or down).
4. Focus remains on the C, so if a D is subsequently entered, it replaces the C.


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