New Win7 Comp. 2.0 Crash on delete bars

• Dec 14, 2014 - 21:22

Upgraded to 2.0

Then used nightly.

Problem with print on nightly (I will file a report presently)

Went back to 2.0. Same print problem. Basically I cannot get the entire page to print properly, The whole page is shifted to the right and cut off. I will post about this.

As I am experimenting trying to fix it, I decided to only keep the first 2 pages of of the file.

When I tried to delete the 3 and 4 pages, MS crashes.

The file was originally done on 1.3, imported into 2.0 and I think I worked on it in the nightly - 1efc609.

The "delete" crashes both 2.0 and the nightly.


Thanks for the report! But first, let's be clear - there is no 2.0 yet. There are only Beta 1 and Nightly builds. The former is several months old by now and probably not really worth testing further. So I'd focus on the Nightly builds.

Regarding the print issue, is it possible your page size is set to A4 whereas you are printing on letter paper, or vice versa? There are have been changes since 1.3 in how the defaults work, so you might be seeing something different from what you are accustomed to.

Regarding the measure deletion issue, if you are still seeing it in Nightly builds, it is definitely worth reporting.

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Hi Marc,

Nothing is improperly set. I tried adjusting the page margins, but I could not get the odd and even to be set separately - adjusting one changed the other. That was not obvious, as the fact there had been a change in one influencing the other did not appear when I changed it, but rather when I closed the program, reopened it and looked again.

I just tried building a new score in what I have labeled as 2.0 in "About", 2 pages of 1/4 notes.

I tested both "2.0" and the nightly. There was no problem with either deleting the 2nd page or printing.

So I suspect it may be either a problem opening a 1.3 in the later versions OR I may have somehow corrupted the score when I worked on it.

It is a completed score in 1.3, saved as an experimental score so I have not lost anything.

I am about to do some more experimenting, which will consist of: downloading the latest nightly: opening the same initial score and then seeing what happens.

I will report events.

Thanks for your response.


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I now have 8c2401f and this print problem is still here. When I print a score that was imported from 1.3, the right side on both odd and even pages is not completely printed: the last bar lines on each staff and a small part of the bar are cut off. There was an issue filed by schepers around Dec. 15 (I can't find it now but it was shortly after our communication here:, and I have seen nothing about this since.

When I set it to double page, its even worse as since changing one page changes the other, the 2nd page gets moves over to the right even more.

This is NOT some setting on the printer as schepers can attest to.

This is important to me as I am constantly re-arranging, printing and performing material for different ensembles.

As far as I can find, printing properties, accessed through Layout>page does not save as a global setting, but is saved per file, so unless I am missing something obvious, I constantly have to reset this.

Help, please! :)

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