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• Dec 18, 2014 - 17:19

I have a Finale XML export which I'm trying to import into MuseScore.

The import appears to be fine. I can work with the score in MuseScore, but having saved the score in MuseScore format and re-open it again MuseScore crashes

Having imported the XML file I can do another MuseScore XML export and import this MuseScore generated XML file. No problem. However if I save this score in MuseScore format, MuseScore will again crash at the next open.

I think I've narrowed the problem down to the Piano part of the score. If I delete the two piano staves and keep just the vocal staves MuseScore won't crash. There may be something wrong with the piano part but nevertheless MuseScore should not crash.


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Crash confirmed. I believe the problem has to do with measure 87, in which the piano part appears to be corrupt or at least very strange. It shows only two sixteenths, both of which appear to be tuplets of ratio 1:4.

I will file this as an official bug report in the issue tracker.

See #41711: Crash on load of score containing "one-plet". Once I determined the cause of the crash, I can reproduce it in a score created from scratch. Looking at your MusicXML file, it appears the improt actually worked correctly. As far as I can tell, it really *does* contain a "one-plet" (two of them, actually) in measure 87 piano part. Maybe it was trying to indicate a tremolo? Do you have the Finale file that produced this MusicXML, and could you post it if so?

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Here's the Finale .MUS file and the export file from Finale.
There's no one-plet in measure 87. They must have been created during one of the many iterations of importing, editing, exporting in MuseScore while trying to narrow down the problem. (I've deleted quite some instruments). Mind some of the work was done more than a month ago with an earlier built of MuseScore.

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There are some very weird tuplets of a single note in measure 87, in the piano part. Maybe it was a tremolo in the original?

-- ok ... as marc said. I shouldn't let my tab opened so long.

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That file has the one-plets as well; they just are set to not display the number. But see, there are only two sixteenths in the measure? And if you click one then look at the Inspector, you see the Tuplet button enabled, and pressing that allows you to see the tuolet (see number type to "relation", for instance).

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