Tremolo playing during playback when no tremolo notated

• Dec 24, 2014 - 01:48

During playback of my score, there is tremolo playing when there is no tremolo notated. It continues after the score finishes playing, and sometimes when a note with tremolo is selected. I am using musescore 2.0 beta 2. I can't figure out what exactly makes this happen but I attached a file where the tremolo plays wrong (tremolo test) and one that plays correctly (tremolo test 2).

Attachment Size
Tremolo_test.mscz 11.33 KB
tremolo_test_2.mscz 11.27 KB


It seems you have somehow created an empty staff text that is forcing MsueScore to use the tremolo string patch in the synthesizer, in addition to its own tremolog playback. Best way I know to get rid of it is to add another staff text - any text, anywhere - then right click , select / all similar elements, and delete. That gets rid of the phantom tremolo MIDI command. Then your tremolo will play correctly as notated.

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