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• Dec 27, 2014 - 17:11

I modified text style hanbook 2.0 Beta
and I saw there is no "anchor" left. In 1.3 it may have could be page, time, notehead, system, staff

As mesure anchor text was asked .... why if possibile not add the other ?

Is that another way to anchor a text ? Like select the object in which you want to anchor it ? (but is could be for each text is own without unity, and style is for a group of similar texts...) ?


Sounds like a question for me, but I don't quite understand it.

You wonder how to add an anchor to a h3 title?
If so, the syntax is as follows:
###title {#anchor}

To link to the anchor:
[node:nid,title="some title",fragment="anchor"]

Does that answer your question?

I *think* he's talking about about text within MuseScore, not text with the handbook. That is, he wants the ability in MuseScore "text style" to specify whether a given text is anchored to the note or to the measure or to something else.

I can see the usefulness of this for sure, but there are tons of places in the code where we simply assume things are anchored a particular way, so it would be a non-trivial change, I think. I am confused by the implication that this was possible in 1.3, though - I don't see a way to do it there either.

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I think also a text is anchored to an object, as we select a note , a frame or a rest or something else to insert it. I tried to insert a text without selecting someting and it doesn't work....

Could it be an information available in the inspector , selecting a text or a note/rest we could see and go with the button that are down to see linked object to the other one ...... Just an idee I don't know if it is made-able

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It is true that each text object is anchored to something. But most types of text can only be anchored to one specific type of object. A staff text, for instance, can *only* be anchored to a note or rest. Well, technically, it is anchored to the "segment" containing that note or rest. Yes, it would be nice if there a way to change it to anchor to the measure, or whatever else, but I don't think there is any easy way to do that. I think internally, MuseScore pretty much needs things to be anchored as they are. So I don't think you could just add a dropdown to the Inspector and expect things to magically work. Could indeed be nice someday, but more likely, instead of a general "anchor anything to anything" facility, just a way to make staff text anchor to the measure would be good enough. A simple checkbox. It wouldn't even have to literally change the anchoring, just how it is laid out.

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