Changing instrument in 2.0 beta 2

• Dec 30, 2014 - 20:21

How can I change the instrument in a part of my score in the middle of the score and then change it back to the original. I've tried to use the instrument text and change the instrument from its right-click menu, but the instrument doesn't change. By the way could you also tell me how can I change from the swing mode back to straight. Thanks in advance.


Assuming the text is the right kind of text - Instrument or Swing text added from the palette, for example - then indeed, right click menu is how to change properties.

For Instrument text, the menu item is Change Instrument. It's possible that a bug might be preventing this from working until you save/reload your score, since apparently this is true for the Change Instrument button in staff properties (see #42741). If you are finding it still doesn't work after save/reload, please post the score you are having problems with and describe exactly what you are doing.

For Swing text (which is really just system text internally, which in turn is really just staff text with the "system" property set), the menu item you want is System Text Properties. See the Swing Settings tab, and set it to straight.

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I am rewriting this score: in order to print it and play in the piano so I'm stuck at 1:27-1:30 where the piano turns into temple blocks and then toms. What I'm doing is clicking on the semi-breve rest and double-click on the "Instrument" text from the text pallete and then right clicking on the "instrument" text, and choosing change instrument. Right after I search for the temple blocks and click on it. It shows me that the current instrument is temple blocks but when I try to adjust notes on the score, they sound like piano. I believe I analysed my steps so that you can help me to deal with my problem.

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As I said, it would really help if you simply posted the score you are having problems with. The bug I mentioned does indeed mean that for now, the change won't take effect until save/reload, but in the cases I have tried, it works after that. So if you are having problems not sovled by save/reload (or by changing the sound in the mixer), there must be something unique to your score triggering the problem, and we would need to see it to understand what that could be.

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