How make consistent size images of musical exampes?

• Dec 31, 2014 - 23:07

I am writing an e-book (mostly text with musical examples). Many of the musical examples are short (1-2 measures), while others are one or more complete lines or even a full page.

After creating each example, I've been saving it as a PNG and doing minor editing as needed in Adobe Fireworks, then importing it into Word. Unfortunately, the size of the image in Word seems to change depending on the original size of the example in MuseScore. For example, the distance between staff lines or the size of noteheads will be less or more depending on the original size of the example. Any ideas on how to achieve consistency when creating PNG images from MuseScore files?

Or maybe there's a better way of getting brief musical examples into Word?




If you are creating your scores with the same Space size (set in Layout / Page Settings), then the PNG output by MuseScore will always be the same staff size. Any differences you see in that case would be a result of whatever post-processing you are doing and/or what Word might doing to fit the image on the page.

As for better way of doing this in general, if you're open (pun intended) to using OpenOffice or LibreOffice instead of Word, the MuseScore Example Manager extension for those programs automates the process of trimming the whitespace, and it also sets up links back to the original MSCZ file so ctrl+clicking an example in the document automatically opens the original score in MuseScore. The initial setup is a drag, but once you have it going, it's very nice to use.

For 2.0, MuseScore will support a couple of other options, including the new screenshot mode as well as a command line option to automatically trim the whitespace. The OpenOffice/LibreOffice extension will be update to take advantage of this, and the setup process will be able to be greatly simplified as a result.

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