Can't copy/paste because menu "Edit", item "Copy" is disabled (MS 2.0.0 release a925ae0)

• Jan 3, 2015 - 00:35

In the MuseScore handbook, on page 13, section titled "Copy and paste", I follow the steps (as indicated below) but the menu "Edit", item "Copy" is not enabled so to it doesn't appear I can copy/paste a few notes from one part of the score to another.
The steps in the handbook are:

  1. Click on the first note of your selection.
  2. Shift⇑+click on the last note of your selection. A blue rectangle highlights the region you selected.
  3. From the menu choose Edit → Copy

environment: Mac OS X 10.10.1 (14B25), i.e. Yosemite
MuseScore 2.0.0 release a925ae0


Are you seeing the blue rectangle appear? If so, you should find the Copy command activated. Works for me. What about the standard keybaord shortcut Ctrl+C - does that work for you?

Ifd you are not seeing the rectangle, then somehow you arne't selecting properly. You ahve to click & shift+click notes, not other markings. Note there are other ways of selecitng to, like shift+drag. or click a note then shift + cursor keys.

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