Playback distortion (2.0 beta 2)

• Jan 3, 2015 - 03:18

Is anyone having distortion problems with the new beta 2?

After installing it, playback distorts on high notes (peaks) which did not happen with beta 2.0 version 1.

I have to manually lower the playback volume every time I reopen MS too.



In reply to by Shoichi

Thanks, saving from Synthesizer remembers the volume settings.

I think version 1 of the beta remembered the position of the volume slider in the Play Panel though or am I imagining things?

Also, it seems the default Synth volume is set really high hence the distortion I was hearing - but that may have something to do with what sounds I have set in my score.

We just can't win can we :)

We have a load of complaints about sound level being too low, so we up the default volume.

So what turns up - a complaint about sound level being too high!

C'est la vie :)

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