Beta 2 Linked parts (on Windows) not work properly

• Jan 3, 2015 - 10:19

With Musescore 2 Beta 2 on Windows the Linked parts features works if you change a selected note with up and down keyboard buttons but not if you dragging it with the mouse.


I can't confirm that. A plain drag of a note with the mouse is reflected on both, score and (linked) part.
Do you have a score to share which shows this behavior? And special steps to follow?

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It works as it should for me.

Oh, indeed, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not! It changes in and (or most) cases, but not to the correct place, that's pretty bad!
They sound the same, but end up at different spots or have added accidentals
And in the status line they show as being different notes.

And it isn't any better in the latest nightly

Now reported in #43276: dragging notes with mouse in score or linked parts isn't correctly reflected in part or score respectively

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