Export Staff text or any other cues to MIDI

• Jan 5, 2015 - 16:23


Is it possible to export any generic staff information into the MIDI (as Text Event or Cue Point - FF 01|07)?

I find this is extremely important as it would allow one to define articulations and other cues in musescore (e.g. Guitar hammer on, various pickup, slides, mute, dead notes, chord mode, etc..), export to MIDI and then act on it when playing/rendering in the DAW, for example by pre-creating keyswitches based on the text cues.

I know various articulations are handled already and more will be coming in the next versions, but there will always be many custom articulations, and this in my mind would be a great example of the 80-20 rule.
This way I can manage almost all my content creation in musescore, leaving to the DAW much less work.

However this is my quick look at the issue, hoping there's a chance there's already something in there that does this. Is there another way to look at it?

Many thanks for a great product!


As an alternative, does anyone know if the Staff text API is available through scripting? If so I could try to export it together with the note position.

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