How can I find help with a beginner problem?

• Jan 5, 2015 - 21:39


this is a major problem, at least for me - I'm in 'Note enter' mode, want to enter a 1/4 rest, a dotted crotchet, another 1/4 rest, a crotchet and a quaver, and have been trying to do so for more than an hour. Re-tried and again, now it's more than 2. HELP or a contact who can help, please!

Some pre-installed functions change my note values and my rest values, couldn't manage to understand how it's done or turn this auto-correct feature off.

Note-entry is explained in several tutorials, but simply deleting one of those auto-corrected values turned out notes that were struck through!! and couldn't be deleted... So going back and again and again and all values I enter go sproing and it's a mess again.

Couldn't reach one of your community members, as my alias seemed too new (?) for your system- I joined this very evening - so the help from Pompton Lakes, NJ, couldn't be reached; neither was there a help link to some other member or community. The support address can't be used for support mails, the forum welcome lines tell you to back away. I'm not amused...

So, I post this here, where I'm probably forbidden to...

As this is the n-th program I have been trying between the years, there's not much time I got left for trial-and-error. It looks as if I'd have to go to and buy Band-in-a-box (despite a history of mutual hate).

So, this is a cry for help again. Cheers, dulwer (


Hello, and welcome!

The key thing to understand is that *there is no "auto-correct" in MuseScore*. Once you enter a note, it stays where you put it until *you* either delete it, move it (cut and paste), or overwrite it with something else. What probably happened happend is you inadvertently wrote over something. Eg, if you have two quavers, then you go back and replace the first with a crotchet, that overwrites the second quaver, because a crotchet is longer than a quaver and MsueScore *will not move that quaver for you*. if you wanted that quaver moved later, you move it yourself. Again, *there is no auto-correct*. If you enter a note on a certian beat, it stays there forever until you delete it, move it, or replace it with something else.

So regardless of what is in a measure now, the following will *always* replace it with exactly what you say you say:

1) "N" for note entry
2) "5" to set up to enter a 1/4 rest
3) "0" to enter the rest
4) "5 ." to set up to enter a dotted crotchet
5) type the letter to enter the note
6) "5" to set up to enter a 1/4 rest
7) "0" to enter the rest
8) "5" to set up to enter a crotchet
9) type the letter to enter the note
10) "4" to set up to enter a quaver
10) type the letter to enter the note

That always works. So matter how you might have messed things up, that will always replace whatever you've already entered with what you want, because notes entered into MsueScore always replace what was there before. Existing notes are not moved around or "corrected" for you. If you enter a note, there it will remain forever until you delete it. move it, or replace it.

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