Exploding in BETA 2

• Jan 6, 2015 - 12:31

I'm testing the explode function in BETA 2, rev. a925ae0
I tried to reduce the score to only a few bars and a few parts, but at that point the buggy behaviour disappeared. This score might originate to the BETA 1 version, I don't remember. Maybe the problem has to do with incompatibility. Anyway, attached is the full score with score. In bar 11 and 12 I have the following 4 part strings. All 4 parts written in vln stave, and I want to explode it to vla, vlc and cb.

So I select bar 11 and 12 of the vln stave, then I run the explode and get this:

Then I thought maybe this works like the old explode plugin in 1.3 and I have to manually copy the 4 part stuff to the three other staves before exploding. And it...


But then again, when I start a score from scratch in BETA 2, the explode works perfectly well! So if thiss appears to be an incompatibility problem between BETA 2 and any earlier version, I guess it's a minor problem and people might overcome it by some rotation through XML.

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Oops, sorry for the king size images. Now I know the difference between print mode and screenshot mode.


Argh! Silly bug on my part - it only works for selections at the beginning of the score. Will fix as soon as I can. But you're right about the workaround - if you copy manually, you're good to go.

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The Beta releases are meant to be specific - Beta 2 will always remain that same build. So that if two people say they are using Beta 2, we know they are using the same build. Bug fixes go into Nightly builds. If there were to be another Beta, that would have the bug fixes from the Nightlies, but the intent is to not have another Beta.

Anyhow, the explode bug is fixed in the latest nightlies.

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