Distance Beween Notes

• Jan 6, 2015 - 14:35

In Musescore 1.x you could right click in a group of notes and chose the distance between them (before and after a note).

In Musescore 2 I only found a way to move notes one by one, not in groups, and it doesn't keep notes aligned with the rhythm. It takes a lot of time if I want the whole score to have musical phrases on the same line. Reducing the measure width directly (not sure which is the name of the function in the english version) doesn't work either because instead of reducing the distance between notes it just puts the notes out of the measure.

Thanks for your attention.


Hmm, moving groups notes of should virtually never be necessary, nor is it ever a good idea. Whatever it is you are trying to do can almost certainly be done a different / better / easier way. Could you post a sample score and explain what the desired result is?

Normally, spacing is controlled more globally, using the "stretch" facility but also using options in your Style settings. It sounds like maybe your final goal is to get more measures on a line. To do this, you should indeed start by reducing stretch. But if that does not work because there are too many notes to fit given your current settings, you simply need to change your settings. One would be Style / General / Measure, the "Minimum note distance" setting. Another option is to simply use smaller staves - see Layout / Page Settings / Space - which will scale everything down accordingly and allow more music to fit without things needing to look crowded.

Moving notes to workaround issues with your overall layout settings will only lead to problems later - things won't look right if the layout ever changes, if you change fonts, as new versions of MuseScore come out with improved layout facilities, etc. Plus it is a *lot* more work thn simply getting your settings the way you want them.

That said, you can still select a group of notes in 2.0 builds. Select the range normally - will include more than just notes (also stems, barlines, rests, etc) then right click a note and choose Select / All similar elements in range selection. The Inspector then provides the options that used to be in the Note Properties dialog. But again, do not use this as a way of doing basic note spacing - it's the wrong tool for the job. These settings are intended for resolving conflicts with individual notes, not as a way of reducing overall spacing.

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