Drag in TAB Behaves Differently to Drag In Standard Notation

• Jan 6, 2015 - 19:28

Just a minor quibble really but when you drag a note from one place to another in standard notation the note remains visible while it is being moved. In TAB, when you drag a note form one string to another the note disappears until you release the mouse. This makes it easy to "miss" the target string. An example may help :

Suppose I have an A notated on the 3rd string (2nd fret) and I want to play it on the 4th string (7th fret). I click on the note and drag it from the 3rd string and it disappears. It only reappears (with its newly calculated feet number) when I release the left mouse key and I may well have dragged it on to the 5th string before I release it.

I realise that MS has to recalculate the fret number when a note is moved by dragging but I would find it easier to get reliable results if the "2" in my example remained visible and was only recalculated as "7" once the note has been released

Edit : should have mentioned that I running Beta 2 under Windows 7 64 bit PRO


Makes sense. FWIW, Ctrl+Up/Down is the "normal" way of moving a note from string to string. For normal staves, it's Up/Down to change pitch a half step at a time, Shift+Up/Down to change a line/space at a time (diatonically), Ctrl+Up/Down to change an octave at a time. Dragging should not normally be necessary.

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