0.9.6 prerelease thinks it has changed every score it opens

• Feb 4, 2010 - 22:43

Running 0.9.6 prerelease under Vista. I have selected to start a session where the last one left off so it opens with a handful of scores open. I can immediately click the application close button and it asks me if I want to save the changes to every open score (though no changes have been made). This is very annoying and alarming (what are these changes that the program has made to a score that I didn't ask it to make?).


It doesn't ask me unless there are actual changes. However if the previous session closed unexpectedly or crashed than it may be showing changes that it saved behind the scenes and is now asking if you want save these changes for real. Does that make sense?

Did it produce a dialog during startup mentioning that it closed unexpectedly and asked whether you wanted to restore the previous session?

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No. I have 14 scores open from the last session. As already reported elsewhere the tabs are not shown unless you open a new score. I tried to open a new score, but it was one I already had open (by chance) and I was then asked "Do you want to save the changes ..." It wasn't the score that was initially visible. As soon as the tabs appear they all have asterisks in them

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