Nudging chords right or left?

• Jan 9, 2015 - 17:22

Whereas I have no problem nudging a single note right or left by double clicking the note head and using the right or left arrow keys followed by the escape key to redraw the stem; I cannot get it work on a chord? The note heads will move, but, when I hit the escape key the stem does not redraw as it does on a single note? It works fine on two notes using two separate voices each with their own stem such as a major 3rd with a value that needs a stem: eighth note, quarter note or half note. Have I missed something? I have tried multiple key combinations?
Thanks for now I look forward to your comments. Well done on Beta 2


To move chords - and indeed, to perform most manual adjustments - the "Inspector" is the way to go. Select any note in the chord then use the "Horizontal offset" in the "Chord" section.

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Many thanks for the prompt reply. Yes I got the required result using the Inspector as you advised; however, in some cases where ledger lines are involved, the note head/s move but the ledger lines lengthen horizontally as opposed to moving with the note head/s? Can't quite tie it down as it doesn't happen every time! I'm sure I will work it out!
Thanks again

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