midi input not working

• Feb 6, 2010 - 20:51

Hi all,

I have written here before that my midi wasn't working, and in fact I started http://musescore.org/node/2576, which was an enhancement request (now completed) to be able to select _which_ midi input to use. (as we thought that that was my problem)

However, I'm running the 0.9.6beta1 now, and things still don't work, so I'm guessing something else is wrong here...

My situation:

I have a midi keyboard (Roland PC-200) , connected via a usb interface (RomI/O). In Musescore it's detected as "MMSystem,1-RomI/O MIDI". I have also installed PmDefaults in which the green light flashes when I play the keyboard. Keyboard also works perfectly in finale. (various versions)

The problem: NOTHING happens in Musescore. I have clicked the 'enable midi input' button, but nothing appears on my screen. I have tried every combi I can think of: simply playing various notes, holding notes while pressing 5 to get quarter notes, holding down a note while clicking on the quarternote with the mouse, etc, etc, no results at all. I have pressed 'N' for note entry, pressed it again, in both cases NO input is detected.

Can anyone give a clue what might be wrong here? Currently I'm using 0.9.6beta1, but it seems I had the same issue in 0.9.5.

I would really like to start using Musescore instead of finale, but I really need the midi input to work.

Thanks for any clues!


actually I don't think that this regression is my issue. With me it also did not work in 0.9.5, and the new option to be able to select a midi input does NOT solve my issue.

Also following the steps to reproduce the regression (Press the key on the MIDI keyboard X times/Click on a duration toolbar/X notes appears on the score) don't work for me.

To me, it almost seems a kind of incompatibility issue between my midi interface and Musescore. But again, in finale everything works fine... And also PmDefaults detects the input...

Any other thoughts, or suggestions?

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There is only one device available in the preferences panel, and it has the same name as the device in finale.

When I click a bar, it get's a blue box around it, which (I'm guessing) means that notes are supposed to appear there, when played on the keyboard. My screen looks like this:

This is the way it's supposed to look, right..? and no notes come out...

Is there a way to make musescore 'dump' whatever midi information it receives to a file, and see if that information is what we expect it to be? Or a way to find out that msusescore is actually receiving any midi data at all? (like the green light in PmDefaults..?)

Kind regards, and thanks for your feedback so far!

Mourik Jan

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This may be your problem.

Instead of selecting a bar, just select the 1st rest.
I'm not knowledgeable re: MIDI input, but you probably then need to select "N" for note entry mode nad then select the duration you want.


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Ok, now I selected the first rest, then the blue box disappears, and that particular rest becomes blue. Then I start playing, but still nothing happens...

When I click 'N' for note entry, I can no longer select a bar or a rest to start playing, but instead actual notes are entered wherever I click...

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t took me a while to get it working.
I have a M-Audio Key Rig 25 Midi Keyboard. It shows up as "USB 02" in Midi Input / Output.
This is what I did.
- I found out that MuseScore always uses the first Midi device that it sees, and also channel 1 by default.
It doesn't accept midi data from any other channel.
- I used MIDI-OX to troubleshoot.
- I deinstalled things like Midi Yoke or nerds.de LoopBe1, because they had the tendency to make their port
the "number 1" Midi device, and this is what MuseScore sees.
If you start up MIDI-OX, and go to Menu Options / MIDI Devices, you will see

MIDI Inputs/ MIDI Outputs/ Port Mapping.

These are my settings:

MIDI Inputs:
1) USB 02

Port Mapping:
MIDI Mapper:
- USB O2
- MIDI-OX Events

MIDI Outputs:
3) MIDI Mapper
1) Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth
2) USB 02

This is good, because USB O2 (my midi keyboard) is on MIDI port number 1.

Also important: the keyboard must be sending on midi channel 1, otherwise MuseScore won't see the Midi data.
If you look in MIDI-OX in the window "MIDI Port Activity" (menu \View - Port Status), then if you press a key on the midi keyboard, the "light" of channel 1 must light up..

I am using on linux and I have the same problem

As I see it, Musescore is not registering as an input device in JACK, just registers the output ports, making impossible to route midi-in

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