Where can I get the source for Qt Linguist?

• Feb 7, 2010 - 16:13

As Qt Linguist is licenced under the GPL, its source should be available but I have Googled in vain for it on Trolltech's/Nokia's site...

The Download section on qt-apps.org only gives binaries for Windows or the Mac.


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I seems that I have to use git to get a copy of the tree.
From my attempts to decode "Everyday GIT with 20 commands or so" it seemed that
git clone git://gitorious.org/qt/qt/trees/master/tools/linguist
would do the trick but it doesn't.
From previous experience the source tarball of Qt will be around 200 megabytes so I don't think I'll try that and I don't think the various source tarballs of 4.6.1 that I have as part of Gentoo portage contain Qt Linguist.
I'll offer any suggestions for the Handbook to the Forum -- it seems best.
Thanks again for your trouble.

You don't need Qt Linguist for editing the handbook or translating. It is all done via the website. To request permission edit the pages leave a request in the translation forum . Be sure to mention which language you are interested in.

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Ok, as a noob to this project, it would be better for me to post suggestions in the forum anyway until (when/if) I am familiar with your conventions.
I like playing with things which is what interested me in the source but git is probably aimed at people of the ranking of kernel hackers with a different kind of head contents to what I have ;o)

You don't need QtLinguist anymore to translate the MuseScore user interface. You can/should use http://translate.musescore.org

And you don't need QtLinguist to translate MuseScore handbook neither. It can be done directly from the website.
Same to add things in it. Of course, discussion in this forum are welcome to have a better documentation too.

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