help! attaching measures/line breaks

• Feb 9, 2010 - 06:45

Hi :) here's a pic of my current 'situation' with this particular file:

Can someone tell me how to 'attach' that isolated bar at the end of the first line to the 2nd line? (so that it's the first bar in the 2nd line)

For some reason, the bar numbers are messed up too ~ that 'isolated' bar is bar 6 and I tried the right click->measure properties->add to measure to 'attach' the bar to bar 5, but all that happened is what you see - bar 6 is now 'called' bar 16!

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You need to add the line break to the last measure you want on the line. More instructions are in the handbook. See Break or spacer . You'll also want to delete the break and frames that you have already added.

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