The Synth: Latency & Use by Other Programs

• Jan 21, 2015 - 23:44

First post!

I haven't downloaded Musescore yet -- I'm checking here to see if it's what I need.

I have a Creative X-Fi card with hardware sound font synth, and an Athlon II X4 processor.

I play MIDI in real time from a MIDI keyboard, and have begun to use Cakewalk Music Creator, which can record the MIDI performance in MIDI.

I'd like to get free of my Creative sound card's synth; I don't know if they'll make drivers for the card for future Windows, and the new Creative card's do not have a sound font synth at all!

So, I have to be looking at software synths. They have to be fast enough (low latency) to play in real time without feeling a delay.

Cakewalk Music Creator's synth unfortunately is too slow.

So, that brings me to three questions:

Is the synth fast enough to use to play tunes in real time using a MIDI keyboard, or is there noticeable latency? (I'm using an Athlon II X4.)

Can recording programs such as Cakewalk's Music Creator see and use the synth?

Do you know of other sound font synths that could fill the bill?


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